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PRO DECK Light Teak triple plank, black caulking, box 1,5m2
July 22, 2022
Roller for synthetic teak installation
Roller for Installation
April 18, 2024
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PRO DECK Light Teak triple plank, black caulking, box 3m2

450,00  (excl. VAT)

Universal profile for self-assembly of the deck. The 150 mm wide profile with a lock is suitable for all deck surfaces. It can be bent for laying on the side walkways of a boat deck. The lock allows you to glue panels of any size. Suitable for both professionals (with the use of hot welding) and for self-laying without welding, only with the use of glue. Glue is included!
The profile is delivered in a roll 20 meters long, covering area 3,0 m2.

Profile width 153 mm. Thickness 5 mm
Box includes 20 meters of profile 
(3,06 m2) and glue for gluing the profile.
Sealant adhesive is not included!
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The Isoteak Pro Deck system is thought out to detail. Developing the system we took into account all advantages and disadvantages of competitors. It perfect for both professional installers and self-installation without a welding process.

1. Reliable tongue-and-groove connection allows installation of the material with or without hot welding. The original tongue-and-groove connection prevents any splitting of profile joints.
2. Joint surface with micro-grooves for easy glue application. The micro-grooves prevent glue from dripping, help to distribute glue more evenly, and also reduce penetration of the glue onto the material surface.
3. The welding/compensation groove allows to weld the material reliably with welding rod. In a case of installation without welding, it works as a joint compensator, removing excess sealant and air into the groove cavity. It improves the quality of laying and simplifying installation.
4. The unique bottom pattern with multidirectional grooves ensures perfect contact with sealant and deck. Also it prevents accumulation of air bubbles under material. Bottom pattern has optimal depth so it’s not necessary now to caulk the edges.
5. Notch marks make it easy when you need to cut the profile along accurately.
6. The optimal profile width of 150 mm designed to reduce labor costs by 30% then in other systems.
7. The material has good flexibility to repeat the side bends of the decks and make installation simpler. Material thickness of 5mm is optimal for a durable and lightweight decking.

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