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July 24, 2020
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July 24, 2020
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PRO DECK Gray&Black, panel width 75cm

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ISOTEAK synthetic teak panel for self installation, suits for indoor and outdoor using. It can be easily fitted to your deck, seats top, steps, swimming platform etc. Texture of synthetic teak follows pattern of natural teak wood. Flexible and durable panel made of solid PVC, has excellent anti-slip properties. The material is resistant to UV and sea water. Does not fade, the color retention guarantee is 5 years. The material does not require maintenance during the entire period of using.

Panel width 75 cm. Thickness 5 mm. Weight 5.5 kg/m2
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Isoteak panels can be easily cut with a knife or scissors at a temperature of 20°C or higher. For better result sand panel edges with a sandpaper after cutting. Panels stick to a deck with any sealant intended for natural teak. You can combine several panels gluing them edge to edge. After gluing, panel sides should be caulced with a sealant to protect it from water and for better appearance. Avoid getting sealant on a surface of a panel. Use masking tape along contour to protect surface when applying a sealant. Use our recommended cleaning.

More about sealant applications and installation of the panels on the sealant page.

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More video on ISOTEAK Youtube channel


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